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Founded in 2022, Murphy Prior & Infantolino is a general practice law firm located in Jamestown, Rhode Island. We are a new firm with a long history. Our firm was created by the principals of Mourneau & Murphy and formerly, Murphy & Murphy. Our attorneys are licensed in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court. Our firm specializes in trust & estate planning, real estate, land use regulation, zoning, business, and commercial law, alternative dispute resolution, and general civil litigation.

We are dedicated to providing excellent legal services to our clients in a responsive, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Murphy Prior & Infantolino is a family-operated firm, with clients passed down from generation to generation. What makes us unique is our commitment to community and family, which allows us to better connect with our clients. We provide efficient and personable counsel; our family to yours.  


In the heart of Jamestown Village, Murphy Prior & Infantolino is a short walk to Town Hall. Our attorneys are involved in the local community, constantly interacting with town officials and local real estate agents. We possess a genuine passion to help our clients.


John A. Murphy with his daughter Emily J. Murphy Prior in Jamestown, RI
Morneau & Murphy Office, Jamestown RI


In the spring of 1968, Neale D. Murphy began his law practice at 75 Highland Drive in Jamestown, Rhode Island. He was held in high regard as the former U.S. Marshal for Rhode Island, Clerk of the United States Court for the District of Rhode Island, and probate judge of his town. He focused on real estate, business, and probate matters. His wife Mary assisted as a legal secretary, rooting his practice in the family. 


John A. Murphy followed in his father’s footsteps, entering Boston College Law School in 1970.

After graduating together and passing the bar exam in the spring of 1973, John A. began clerking for U.S. District Court Judge Edward W. Day. In 1975 he was recruited by the Rhode Island Attorney General, Julius Michaelson. He worked in the criminal division as a special assistant, and had the opportunity to work on the high-profile case - The Bonded Vault Robbery.


In 1977, John A. joined Winograd, Shine & Zacks in Providence, where he worked as a litigator. In 1978, Winograd, Shine & Zacks opened an office in Jamestown, staffed by John A., with Neale acting “of counsel”. 


In 1988, John A. began practicing in partnership with his law-school classmate, John B. Murphy. The two Murphys practiced with their colleague and friend, Richard N. Moreau, who passed away in 2018. Neale Murphy made the transition with his son and was acting “of counsel” for the newly established firm. Murphy & Murphy was founded at 77 Narragansett Avenue in Jamestown, where it still operates today. 


In 1990, when the Rhode Island banking crisis occurred, there became a high demand for litigators. Morneau, who had an established practice in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, was looking for other attorneys to partner with. Collectively, the three attorneys formed Morneau & Murphy. Richard and John B. primarily worked in the Providence office, while John A. worked out of the Jamestown office. 


In 2000, John A.’s daughter, Emily J. Murphy Prior, came to work for the firm. Three years after Emily joined the firm, Neale passed away at the age of ninety-nine. 


In 2014, Christian S. Infantolino joined the firm as John A.’s protégé. The firm has since evolved, becoming Murphy Prior & Infantolino as of 2022. Emily J. Murphy Prior and Christian S. Infantolino are co-managers of the Murphy Prior & Infantolino Jamestown office.

Christian S. Infantolino

Neale D. Murphy
Morneau & Murphy Office in Jamestown, Rhode Island


We believe the growth of Murphy Prior & Infantolino will happen organically. We are eager to continue serving our current clients and their generations of family members. We look forward to further developing the operational side of our firm, providing more job opportunities in our office, and working with other attorneys.

Family constitutes the foundation of our firm and is what remains most important to us, looking ahead to the future of Murphy Prior & Infantolino.

The members of our firm actively take continuing education courses to further develop professionally while staying up to date on changing laws and procedures.



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