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Murphy Prior & Infantolino Office, Jamestown, RI

Probate & Estate Planning


Our estate settlement practice at Murphy Prior & Infantolino reflects the generations that have trusted us to handle your estates.  Understanding that every client has a choice among many attorneys, we gratefully acknowledge our clients’ loyalty when retaining us to assist you through this process. Emily and her team will set out the procedural steps that are necessary to effectuate the deceased person’s wishes, whether a Will must be admitted to Probate, or trust provisions carried out.


Emily’s practice expedites the transfer of assets to your loved ones or charitable beneficiaries as quickly and privately as possible. We have all heard horror stories; what should only take a few months can, unfortunately, be dragged out over several years, if creditors, claimants and omitted heirs try to prove their entitlement. Murphy Prior & Infantolino will provide competent legal advice, with attorneys having years of experience in this area.

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