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Christian Infantolino at Murphy Prior & Infantolino Office, Jamestown, RI

Residential & Commercial
Real Estate


Our firm has approved attorneys with lenders of all sizes and locations. We work with numerous mortgage brokers around the state to assist and facilitate lending transactions. 


We provide many services to both Buyers and Sellers in residential and commercial real estate transactions. We assist our clients from the beginning of the transaction all the way through the closing with services that include preparation and negotiation of offers to purchase and purchase and sales agreements for both parties. We review title reports, inspection reports and assist with the mortgage and if any issues arise we work to resolve any disputes to ensure the transaction closes on time and to the satisfaction of all parties. 


During the representation of a Seller, we review the purchase agreement, prepare deeds and supplemental documentation and attend the closing with and/or for the Seller. 


During the representation of a Buyer, we review the purchase agreement, review the title, and work with many lending institutions to facilitate a smooth closing. 


Murphy Prior & Infantolino works in all areas of real estate from development, including but not limited to site choice and acquisition, assistance with permitting issues both state & municipal through sales. We represent landlords and tenants and can assist in Condominium formation and regulation, leases, evictions, and mediations between parties. 

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