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Trust Administration


Clients are encouraged to implement trusts as a component of their estate plans, as an efficient way to privately ensure a protected way to hold assets overtime for others’ benefit. Trusts can distribute property at the death of the person who created it or endure into the future to benefit spouses, children, other relatives, and charities.


Emily has years of experience representing clients who establish trusts as well as those individuals who are appointed to serve as trustees, who need her guidance to carry out their important fiduciary duties under state and federal law.


  • Revocable trusts that can always be changed or revoked, which as easy to use in your lifetime

  • Irrevocable trusts for grandchildren and other minor beneficiaries, to build wealth over time

  • Irrevocable trusts for persons receiving disability benefits through Social Security

  • Equalize gifts made during lifetime to ensure equity at your death

  • Provide lifetime rights to allow family members to reside in your property subject to certain obligations

  • Direct the sale of  your property to a family member with a defined way to value and effectuate the transfer to minimize conflict

Murphy Prior & Infantolino Office, Jamestown, RI
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