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Estate Planning


At Murphy Prior & Infantolino, a small group of experienced professionals can assist you with one of the most personal and important tasks: the creation of an estate plan, that meets your personal objectives and helps your family avoid unnecessary delays and expenses after your death. Emily takes the time in her initial meetings with clients to truly listen to your ideas and answer your questions about this complicated area of the law. 


We look forward to customizing a plan that reflects your individual values and manages family expectations in the context of state and federal income, estate and gift taxation, long term care planning, and asset protection. Dealing with aging, disability, lack of capacity and death is not always pleasant but we can assure you that you will find a compassionate team that respects your privacy, as we strive to create legal documents that capture your intentions. Emily will consult with your tax preparers and financial advisors to make sure all factors are considered before the final papers are executed.


  • Understand how title to your property is currently held and work to make sure it will benefit those individuals that you choose, as you instruct

  • Minimize the expenses your family will face when handling your affairs

  • Be assured that the people you wish to help you are properly designated to manage your financial and legal matters if you become disabled or need assistance

  • Protect against elder abuse

  • Transfer assets to others with fewer fees, court costs, and taxes

  • Consider and plan for the management of your primary residence, seasonal/vacation homes, investment properties, and business interests

John Murphy with his daughter Emily Murphy at Murphy Prior & Infantolino Office, Jamestown, RI
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